About Me

Howdy and thanks you for being curious enough to visit my about page. I’m a retired school teacher who is now disabled and find it hard to take part in my lifelong loves, fishing, hiking, climbing, camping… Hell any outdoor activity!

I spent as much time as I could out in the beautiful nature of Colorado, Wyoming and surrounding states. I never believed in the conventional wisdom of working all the hours god sends, to buy the best things, and look forward to a relaxing retirement. If I’d done that, I might have died of stress by now, or could be still here finding it difficult to walk, but unable to spend my retirement doing what I loved.

Kip Carey’s Official Wyoming Fishing Guide was like a bible to me, I fished in all the places he suggested, re-tracing the footsteps of a mentor and friend. I’ve been spending more time on the internet theses past few years, for obvious reasons. I looked up Kip’s website and saw that it was shut down.

My grandson Terry is helping me put it back together, when I get a chance, I will add articles and reviews of the books, websites and places that I’ve been most fond of. They might not be the absolute best in the world in relation to accuracy or finishing. They ARE the best in the world to me though.

For me, books, websites and videos are like a map and compass. I’ve never been too much of a pioneer, I’ll always let other go first and check the places out for me. Time is precious, and I prefer to learn from the experience and mistakes of others.

This website won’t win any awards, and I don’t plan to be ‘internet famous’. My name is Harold, but there wont be any instructional videos from me, or interviews. I’m just a simple guy, this website is one of my new hobbies. Perhaps it will grow into something of a legacy and heirloom… Perhaps I won’t follow through with it and let it wither. Either way is fine by me, I’ve never lived with regrets and don’t plan to now.

My only hope is that a few of you follow some of my pages, and read a book, or go on a walk that filled me with passion. In a way, I can live my live through you, and perhaps help be a guide and compass even after I’m gone… Terry promised to keep this online, if I keep building it! Ha! Thanks Terry, and thank you!