10 fantastic Rocky Mountain hikes near Denver

10 fantastic Rocky Mountain hikes near DenverHave you hiked¬†Mt Bierstadt¬†or St Mary’s Glacier Trail? I have and they are some of the happiest memories of my life! I’ve been blessed to live among the best fishing and hiking places in the world, if not THE best. This ebook was written by Mary Norton who has a wonderful website. Every page is... Read More »

Kip Carey’s Official Wyoming Fishing Guide

Kip Carey’s Official Wyoming Fishing GuideA decent guide for the state of Wyoming. Wyoming has so much water that it is impossible to have a guide covering it all. Kip does a good job and covers something in most areas of the state, while a lot of other guides tend to focus on the big waters around the Yellowstone and... Read More »

Kip Careys Colorado Fishing Guide

Kip Careys Colorado Fishing GuideFeatures: Specific directions. Comprehensive descriptions and maps for Colorado and Wyoming’s lakes, streams, rivers and reservoirs. Hands down the most complete guide books on the market... Read More »